Multi-parameter monitors RD15 / RD12 and RD15M / RD12M

The RD15 / RD12 and RD15M / RD12M monitors are the newest members of the M Series line.
With modern and innovative design, they have a 15 “/ 12” touch screen with excellent resolution, which allows visualization of all curves and strokes in a wide way. Lightweight and compact, they adapt to the most diverse environments, ranging from screening to intensive care units of high complexity. The wide range of parameters allows a complete evaluation of patients.

Pre-configured monitors RD15 / RD12

The pre-configured RD15 and RD12 monitors have been developed to monitor a fixed set of parameters according to the installed internal modules: ECG, Oximetry, Non-invasive Pressure, Breathing and Temperature.
Optional internal modules: Nellcor Oximax Oximetry, Masimo CO-Oximetry, Invasive Pressure, Cardiac Output, and Capnography.

Modular monitors RD15M / RD12M

The modular modules RD12M (12 “screen) and RD15M (15” screen) in addition to the fixed set of parameters, according to the installed internal modules, they have two slots for plugging external modules, with plug and play system, where the screen auto adjusts as soon as the module is connected, providing great flexibility with several extra parameter options, being: Temperature, PNT “Suntech”, PI, Cardiac Output, Capnography, Oximetry Nellcor Oximax, CO-Oximetry and Masimo Analyzer anesthetic agents.


• Audiovisual alarms with luminous indication of alarm priority;
• Compact cabinet with built-in handle;
• Several options for battery / autonomy (autonomy of up to 4 hours);
• Pacemaker recognition;
• Arrhythmia and ST segment analysis (Optional);
• Output for synchronization with defibrillator (Optional);
• Thermal printer coupled with 3-channel printing (Optional).
With high connectivity features, the M Series line monitors optionally enable integration with central monitoring, integration with wireless data network, output to a second external video monitor with feature to extend the screen, integration with nurse call, SD card connection for data transfer, USB connector, output for external video monitor (HDMI).