Handy Sat TCR Low Perfusion Handheld Pulse Oximeter

The Handy Sat Tc pulse oximeter delivers excellent performance, precise evaluation of arterial saturation and pulsation, even in conditions of low perfusion.

Counts on features such as SD card slot, 3.2″ color touch screen, pulse tone, audiovisual sensor alarms, exceeded limits, long search and pulseless patients with different sound patterns.

For technical alarms and physiological alarms, temporary suspension and shutdown of audible alarms, standard horizontal display option, allowing longer viewing time of the plethysmographic curve, date and time adjustment, patient identification monitored and trend up to 64 hours.
It also allows the early diagnosis of congenital heart disease (Heart Test).


Color graphic display with 3.2 “touch screen;
Input connector for SD card;
Different audible alarms to check the sensor,
Upper or lower limit alarms exceeded for O² peripheral saturation,
Very long search alarm,
Pulseless patient alarm;
Oximetry Alarm Limits: 30 to 100% in steps of 1%;
Pulse alarm limits: 15 to 250 BPM in steps of 5 BPM;
Power supply:
Battery version (Up to 12 hours at full load) External Source (Optional);
External Power Supply (Optional);
64 hours of information storage;
Dimensions: 86mm x 138mm x 30mm; Weight: 0.5kg (Maximum – no external power supply);
Measuring range: Saturation 40% to 100% Pulse from 35 to 250BPM;
larms: saturation from 30% to 100% Pulse from 15 to 254BPM.

Accessories that came with the product

Oximetry sensor (Adult or pediatric)

Intended Use

Measure the oxygen saturation and peripheral pulse rate of the patient. It can be used in different environments, such as: Hospitals, clinics, homecare, transportation, rescue, etc.