AD100 A Series Defibrillator Analyzer

The AD100 Series unites a defibrillator analyzer, patient simulator, and external pacemaker analyzer into one device.
The AD100 A Series Defibrillator Analyzer is designed to measure the energy delivered and the voltages and peak currents, among other parameters, of a defibrillatory discharge. It is also capable of measuring the recharge time between consecutive shots of a defibrillator and the timing of a cardioversion. In addition, the AD100 A Series allows the evaluation of automatic defibrillators (AEDs).
The pacemaker analyzer function of the AD100 Series measures the energy, frequency, duration, and amplitude of the external pacemaker pulse. It allows the evaluation of pacemakers, both asynchronous and in the demand mode, and allows the determination of the sensitivity and refractory periods of a pacemaker.


– compatible with single-phase and biphasic defibrillators.
– specific routines for the automatic defibrillator (AED) and semiautomatic test.
– shows the discharge curve on the screen.
– specific routines for determining the sensitivity and refractory periods of a pacemaker.
– allows the realization of pacemaker tests over a wide range of impedance loads (50 to 2300 Ohms).
– presents simulator of 12-lead patients with signs of ECG Adult and Pediatric, ECG with ST segment displacement, more than 35 arrhythmias and signs of performance evaluation.
– allows the automation and standardization of the tests by creating automatic test sequences and determining the permitted error limits.
– performs a statistical / metrological evaluation of the parameters measured, considering uncertainties Type A and Type B of the measurement system, automating a large part of a calibration process.
– generates reports / reports with test results and test equipment information.
– it has interface for USB, SD Card and Wifi.